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Yo! 😁, GOD is very loving and because of this, He always wants GOOD things for us. But what would you define as “good”? As humans, we are naturally selfish and self-centered. We only call something good when it is beneficial and profitable to us, never always seeking the good of others. The way we define the word “GOOD” is wrong, because whatever is GOOD is holy, praise-worthy, just and acceptable to GOD. What GOD wants for us is always GOOD, which is also called the WILL of GOD. We live in a world where Christians and non-christians are just concerned if every action they make (what they say or do) is sinful. They constantly think about not sinning. It is not those who do not commit sin that make heaven but those who fulfil the WILL of GOD (Matt 7:21). Many Christians are becoming sin-seekers not WILL-seekers. They focus on sin so much that they neglect the WILL of GOD and so they live their lives in a way that seems pleasing and “good” to THEM. The WILL of GOD is perfect and GOOD and I would like to tell you 3 things about the WILL of GOD:

[ 1 ] The WILL of GOD is Love.

[ 2 ] The WILL of GOD is Righteous.

[ 3 ] The WILL of GOD is Perfect.


[ 1 ] The WILL of GOD is Love: GOD’s WILL has the same characteristics as love (1 Cor 13:4-7). What GOD wants for you is never self-centered, it is always selfless and sacrificial, always putting others first before you, always kind, forgiving, patient and healing. If you ask GOD what He wants you to do, you will see that it has something to do with love because anything done without love is useless.

[ 2 ] The Will of GOD is Righteous: GOD does not delight in evil but righteousness, that is something my generation has forgotten!!!. The WILL of GOD is always righteous, never wrong or evil, never selfish or self-centered, never contradicting his word (bible), always pure and just. Therefore, whatever is bad, wrong or evil is not of GOD. GOD’s definition of righteousness is not our definition of righteousness. If you want to know what He calls righteous, read your bible.

[ 3 ] The Will of GOD is Perfect: GOD is the true definition of perfection. His ways have no error, mistake or glitch. It is always perfectly planned and trustworthy. You might not be able to see things from GOD’s Perspective all the time but always remember that He is the most trustworthy person in the world. So, GOD’s WILL is not something you should not trust. He who sees everything and knows everything will always have a perfect WILL for you.


The first and most important WILL of GOD for man is that all men be saved and from there it breaks into many parts but all are aiming for the same goal. It takes dedication and sacrifice to fulfill the WILL of GOD which can only be possible if you truly love GOD. The WILL of GOD can only be revealed to you by the Spirit of GOD and the Bible. These are the only two things that can tell you what GOD’s WILL for you is. If you are really eager to know what that WILL is, then you have to read your Bible and as you read, you will get revelations from the Spirit.

Be useful wherever you are but above all else: Fulfill the WILL of GOD wherever you are.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 1 / 05 / 2018.

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Hey 😁, when do you think Christianity came into existence? Most people say when Jesus came to earth but that is partially true (I will explain). Christianity came into existence the moment GOD created man. How do I know this? The answer lies in this question: what is Christianity?
Christianity is a Relationship and a Lifestyle. A relationship with GOD and a lifestyle GOD would have you live. The name “Christian” was given to us by unbelievers but their reason for giving us that name is not what Christianity is (though I am not excluding the fact that we are like Christ). I will give you 3 reasons why Christianity is a Relationship and a Lifestyle:

[1] If you read Genesis chapter 2 (please read it), you will notice that there was a relationship between GOD and Adam and it was a father-son relationship. GOD provided for him and gave him instructions on how he should live his life. This means there was a certain lifestyle that he wanted Adam to live.

[2] The ten commandments is another clear example of Christianity being a Relationship and a Lifestyle. The first five speak about the Relationship between you and GOD and the other five speak about the Lifestyle GOD would have you live.

[3] We all know that Jesus had a Relationship with GOD but He also had to live a Lifestyle GOD wanted him to live. That is why GOD said “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.

“Then what did Jesus come to earth to do?”, you must be asking. The relationship between GOD and Adam was lost when Adam disobeyed GOD. GOD still spoke to Adam but he no longer shared the same glory with GOD. We fell short of it and we slowly started drifting away from GOD. This was due to free will that was given to us from when we where made. Though we lost the relationship we once had, GOD never stopped trying to commune with us and so, GOD created a makeshift version of Christianity which existed after Adam left the garden up until the time Jesus came to earth. This makeshift version was later called Judaism.Now, there is a difference between Judaism and Christianity:

[1] GOD no longer had a personal relationship with each person but with only one person (prophets or priests).

[2] We no longer shared the same glory with GOD.

Note: There was still a certain lifestyle GOD wanted them to live, which was called the law of Moses.

When Jesus came to earth to die on the cross, He did so to restore Christianity. But you need to understanding something: Christianity was now modified but still shared the same properties as before.
The modified version of Christianity is what we are living in today. Let me explain what I mean by modified:

[1] The Same Presence.

[2] Restored Glory.

[3] Same Relationship but a Modified Lifestyle.


[1] The Same Presence: GOD was with Adam throughout his stay in the garden and now GOD is still with us. Though GOD was with Adam physically in the garden, GOD is now with us in the spirit. It is His Spirit that now dwells in us here on earth. The same Spirit that moved on the face of the earth in the beginning is now living in us.

[2] Restored Glory: We shared the same Glory with GOD when we were living in the garden but after we sinned, we fell short of that glory and could no longer stand in the presence of GOD, but after Christ died on the cross, that glory was restored to us (John 17:22). We can be reborn through the Spirit of GOD. We can be made righteous once again and now that we share the same glory as GOD, we can now stand in his presence.

[3] Same Relationship but a Modified Lifestyle: The relationship we have with GOD is still the same but the Lifestyle we are to live has been Modified since the world itself has been Modified. Imagine if we did not eat from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, we all would have been Christians and there would be nothing like evangelism, preaching, persecution e.t.c; but most people are not Christians and because of this we now live a new Lifestyle. Which is to bring to everyone the good news of salvation which is available in Christ; to love our enemies; to help the poor; to heal the sick and to be like Jesus.


A time will come when we will return back to the way things were in the Beginning and we will live with GOD forever. This will happen when Jesus comes back.
Everything that you just read is useless to you if you are not a Christian {a Christian is someone who has a Relationship with GOD and lives the Lifestyle GOD would have him/her live}. These things will only matter if you receive salvation from Jesus. Jesus died to restore what you had lost in the garden; He died to save you from yourself. Salvation is available to you even if you don’t deserve it. You can be redeemed by the Redeemer. Jesus is the only way to return back to GOD and the way things were. All you have to do is Believe in him and Repent of your sins for the rest of your life.
If you want to know what kind of Relationship and Lifestyle GOD wants for you, read your Bible.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 27 / 05 / 2018.

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No Other Hope

Dedicated to Fadekemi and Vivienne

You might not know this; but at one point in time in your life, your faith will fail you. I know faith is very important and it is the reason why prayers are answered, but there are times when you lose faith in GOD and refuse to believe that He will and can still help you out. Let me tell you this true life story:


Around this time last year, my best friend, Frank and I had just finished writing WAEC and we were waiting for our results. Before the exam started, we were told to pay for “expo”. Most people paid but only a selected few did not pay; though we faced persecution, we didn’t flinch. Both Frank and I prayed and had faith in GOD that we would pass our exam but we didn’t. To be more precise, we ended up with the worst result in the entire school. It was shocking to me, Frank and our classmates as well; because neither me nor Frank were that dull. Though we didn’t really know what happened to make our results come out that way, we knew that wasn’t our result. This year, in January, we wrote GCE. We prayed (though Frank spends more time praying than me) and had faith in GOD that we would not be put to shame but we failed; this time, even more worse than our previous results. What were we going to say to our friends and family members? What could we have done wrong? Why was this happening to us? These were the questions that plagued our minds as we saw our results.
People started saying stuff like: “We did not prepare well for the exam.”, “We need to pray more.” “This might be a spiritual attack.” e.t.c. We both broke down because we were saddened and tired.

I was like: “GOD, where are you? Why is this happening? Have I not obeyed you? Have I not served you well enough? Why didn’t those who cheated fail too?” I actually started losing faith in GOD. I actually didn’t want to believe there was hope because I just felt hopeless. I even started thinking about other options but the funny thing is “There was no other option”. I mean, as a Christian I saw no other option, alternative or hope but GOD. All I saw was; it is either GOD or nothing. The hope I saw in the world was false which made me realise that there is no other hope for me but GOD. There is no one else I can cry to but GOD. There is no one more capable but GOD. Yes, it was difficult to have faith in GOD being able to help my situation but I held on to that hope. I held on to it like it was all I had because that was literally all I had; and slowly, I started to regain my faith. The more hope became real to me, the more faith I had in GOD. Right now, Frank and I are preparing to write GCE. We have faith that GOD will not fail us. Our hope is in Him, and it is that hope that will bring about our testimony.
I really don’t know what most of us are facing right now but I plead with you to please turn and see that there is hope for you; be it academics, health, relationship, finance, family or addictions, there is HOPE. Cling to that hope like never before and GOD promises to meet you at the point of your needs.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Writing on the: 22 / 05 / 2018.

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Hey guys 😁, We all know that it is impossible for us to spend 24 hours reading the Bible or even 12 hours. Some people spend up to 3 hours while most people spend 1 hour. But, a large majority of people spend less than 30 minutes. This clearly shows that: we are always busy doing one thing or the other. It’s either school, work, friends, or gadgets. It is not wrong to spend time doing other stuff but you have to constantly connect yourself with the scriptures, but how do you do this? It is by; Spending time with the right people. You can spend time with people through physical means, social media, books, TV and even music. Though most of these are indirect (one- way) conversations, they are still very effective. You see, spending time with the right people is a very very important factor for every Christian because these people will shape your beliefs and Perspective. Though there is nothing wrong in associating with unbelievers but never neglect the fellowship of the brethren, but then, Who are the “right” people? The right people are those who are like-minded. Those who are Christians just like you. Those are the right people to spend quality time with; be it physical means, social media, books, TV and music. Why? Because, these people also spend time reading the Bible and relating with the Holy Spirit just like you do. We both know we can’t spend all day reading the Bible for many reasons. This is why we constantly need to be connected with other believers through different means because the Spirit reveals different things to different people and also because:

Proverbs 27:17 HCSB:

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

Imagine if you were a blade, but you were only sharpened once. After that, you were used to cut different objects and things. Eventually, you will get blunt, right? And, if care is not taken, you will rust and break into pieces. You need to constantly always sharpen yourself or you will start to get blunt. As a Christian, when you neglect the value of associating and “rubbing minds” with fellow believers you start to get blunt. To be blunt means to no longer be as vibrant (not just in prayer) as you were and to rust means to delve into things that are not of the faith. Trust me, it is very difficult to live alone as a Christian in this world because life can be very crazy and harsh to deal with. This is why; we Christians should try to spend time with our fellow believers physically: || Acts 2:46 NIV: Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts. || Chatting with other believers through social media, watching Christian TV shows, and listening to Christian songs, all these have proven to streamline the Growth of many Christians. When you constantly try to remain sharp, you will be able to run the race of life without letting the things of life weigh you down.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 13 / 05 / 2018.

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These Emotions

Hey guys 😁. Each human is born with emotions. We were created that way by GOD but what’s important is how we keep our emotions in check.

[ 1 ] Not Judging and Acting Based On Emotions: Sometimes, we judge and act based on how we feel. For instance, if someone hurts us physical or emotionally we always want payback and not letting forgiveness have it’s way. Are you wondering what this has to do with GOD? As a Christian, if you can’t control your emotions you will end up doing things which are not of the Will of GOD. It is GOD over Emotions and not the other way around. To let your emotions cloud your judgement and dictate your actions is to ignore the Spirit of GOD and doing so will hinder GOD from working through you when it is most critical. For example, when Jesus was arrested, He did not say a word or show any sign of anger or hatred but he was silent. Do you know why? Because he had self-control and discipline over his emotions. You should always try to stop whatever you are doing to examine your words, motive and listen to the Holy Spirit so that you may say the right words and do the right things and in turn, GOD can work through and in you.

[ 2 ] Hiding From Our Emotions: As humans, there is nothing wrong in feeling some certain emotions; because we were created by GOD and he wants us to feel these emotions. But still, a lot of people feel that some emotions make them feel weak and soft so they hide these emotions; while some have been hurt in the past and won’t want to feel that emotion again by locking it deep down in themselves. But, the truth is, no matter what, these emotions can never be taken away. No matter how hard people try, it will always remain. These kind of people will eventual become bitter and cold. For those who hide it because they feel it’s a sign of weakness or being soft, they will eventual break down. So, why live a life of hiding when your father has given you such a great gift to use and yet you refuse to. Yes, I know people will sometimes hurts us but only those who refuse to remain hurt and move on that are truly the brave ones.

Healing and Refuge is always available in GOD who never fails.

Yours Craziest –

Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 17 / 01 / 2018.

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The Art Of Gratitude

If you want to be grateful to GOD, where do you start from? Is it by praying every day or serving GOD? No. To be grateful, you must have one of these three things: Humility, Contentment and Thanksgiving. The realisation of one of these things will bring about the existence of the remaining two so long as you are a Christian.

A Content person will not be consumed by greed or jealousy. Being content with what GOD has given you will help you resist temptation and be thankful to GOD (because you recognise the source) which is Thanksgiving. A thankful person is someone who is grateful and understands that all things come from GOD and this makes you humble.

A Humble person will always give GOD all the glory at all times, which is why they will be exalted by GOD. The humble are always content with what they have been given and by recognising the source, they give thanks.

Thanksgiving is not limited to just songs but literally anything that will bring glory to GOD, which is what a humble person would do because they are content.

If you are content, do not just stop there but be thankful and humble. If you are humble, do not stop there but be content and thankful. If you are thankful, do not stop there but be humble and content.

This Is The Art Of Gratitude.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 10 / 05 / 2018.

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We Are Humans

We are scared, we are scared of telling you the truth because we do not know what you will say. We are scared because we do not want you see this but we can’t deny it. Even though We are your leaders, We are still humans, We have our needs and our wants; We have our emotions and our desires; We experience pain and suffering just like you;
Just as you need encouragement,so do We; you get depressed, so do We; you struggle with things, so do We; you get angry, so do We; you get tempted, so do We; you need directions, so do We; you run the race of life, so do We; you face persecution, so do We; you pray for forgiveness, so do We; you ask for His grace, so do We.
Why then do you crucify us when We fail or fall?
Why do you put so much expectations on us? Aren’t the burdens We bear not enough?!
Why are We the first to always be judged?
Why do people hold us accountable for other people actions?
Are We not humans just like you??!!!
We are your pastors, teachers, leaders, mentors, evangelist and prophets. We are Humans, we try our best but sometimes we fall. That is why we pray for His grace.

Love and pray for your leaders; help them when they fall and encourage them at all times.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 3 / 5 / 2018.

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Hey, let me tell you something 😏, decision is dead if it is not followed by works. To be more precise, work is the proof that a decision has been made. If you do not make a decision to do something, there will be no works. The decisions we make every day of our lives affect not just us but others. Whether they are good or bad decisions, there are two things about decisions we as Christians should know:

[1] The Best.

[2] You First.


[1] The Best: Everybody always wants to make the best decisions but then, who can make the best decisions? The Bible and the Holy Spirit has made me to understand that GOD is the only one who makes the best decisions. He never makes a mistake and He knows and sees all things, just like I said in one of my articles “GOD’s Perspective is the Best”. Do you need to make the best decisions? Then ask the Supreme Being named GOD and I can promise you won’t regret it because He l💜ves you and won’t want to bring harm to you. So, seek him first when you need directions.

[2] You First: There is something our generation no longer understands; Christianity has never been in a state where GOD does everything. It is actually 50-50. GOD does his part when you do yours first and if you don’t make that decision to move first, GOD ain’t moving at all. If you don’t make that decision to live a righteous life, GOD is not accepting you. If you don’t decide to change your ways, GOD won’t walk with you. If you decide not to accept Christ, you won’t see GOD’s glory. If you don’t decide to read your bible, GOD won’t reveal his truth to you. If you don’t decide to never abandon Jesus, you will not make heaven. If you don’t decide to listen to his Spirit, he will not work with and in you.

No one makes decisions for you but they can influence your decisions. Before you make a decision, always try to avoid Assumptions and see things from GOD’s Perspective. Sometimes, it might be difficult to make some certain decisions especially when the outcome isn’t clear or seems dangerous. This calls for faith, therefore always trust the Lord because he won’t fail you.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 5 / 05 / 2018.

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The Person and The Name.

We all know that the NAME OF JESUS is the most POWERFUL NAME ever (Phil 2:9-11). But the shocking truth about this is: The NAME can’t save you. Yes, the NAME can’t save you if you do not know the PERSON.
Acts 4:12 says, “No one else can save us. Indeed, we can be saved ONLY by the power of the ONE NAMED JESUS and not by any other PERSON.”
(GW). A Name must belong to a Person.
Now, when we look at this, it’s like we know it already but have you ever wondered why when some “Christians” call on that name JESUS, truthfully nothing happens. Is it that the name is weak or JESUS himself is asleep (which is not possible).
The fact still remains the same; without you knowing the PERSON, the NAME can’t have any effect in your life because you do not understand or know who you are calling.
Now, you might be saying, “But the Bible says that in the name of JESUS, every knee shall bow; every tongue shall confess that JESUS is Lord; Even without knowing the person- Wrong. The power of the Name is in the PERSON. HE is the name. We try to hold on to the NAME and then abandon the PERSON (THE ONE NAMED JESUS), which is impossible.
In addition, Act 10:43 tells us that all the prophets testify that people who believe in the ONE NAMED JESUS receive forgiveness for their sins through him.”
It is also impossible to know the PERSON without believing in His NAME.


Written on the: 3 / 05 / 2018.

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