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The Principle of Believing

Hey guys 😁, ever wondered how you came to believe something? Well, I will be explaining the Principle of Believing in this article.
There are 4 steps that you must take before you can believe something. These steps are:

[ 1 ] Hearing / Seeing.

[ 2 ] Knowing.

[ 3 ] Accepting / Rejecting.

[ 4 ] Believing.


[ 1 ] Hearing / Seeing: The eyes and the ears are the door-way for information to get into a person’s brain, so it is only when someone tells or not (you can also hear from GOD through the Holy Spirit). This is why you have to be careful with what you hear and see, because not all things are meant for you to know. Filter what enters your mind.

[ 2 ] Knowing: It is after someone is shown/told about something that the person can have knowledge about it. Knowing is literally having knowledge about something. For instance, if I tell you that it is going to rain tomorrow, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not; but what is certain is that you heard and by hearing, you automatically know that I said it will rain tomorrow, which means that you have that information in your head. Though there is nothing wrong in knowing about some certain things, be careful; not all things are beneficial to your Christian growth.

[ 3 ] Accepting / Rejecting: (still going with the rain example) Now you have two options, it is either you accept my words or reject it. To accept is to agree with my words; to reject is to disagree with it. The only two possible reasons why you would accept my words is because you trust me or wish for the same thing (though you could get assurance from the Holy Spirit that my words are true, but this is only applicable to Christians). This is a very critical stage. Why? Because once you have accepted something (being knowledge) you automatically believe it, though it is possible to have knowledge about something but not accepting it, which is rejecting it, it would be wise of you to examine whatever knowledge is given to you before you “accept” it.

[ 4 ] Believing: Let’s say you agree with my words (that it is going to rain tomorrow), the moment you do that, you believe my words. To believe is to make whatever you have heard/seen, known, accepted a standard, which means that you have made it the truth and the only truth (many times people confuse faith with believing), but then there are things that could happen to what you believe, which are:

[ A ] Modification.

[ B ] Change.

[ A ] Modification: What you believe can be modified, (still going with the rain example) since you now believe that it will rain tomorrow, if I should tell you that it will start raining tomorrow by 6am and end by 12pm, first you heard, then you knew, then you accepted it then modified what you believed in, so to modify what you believe in, that information must go through the same process as the first, then it will add more details to what you believe in, this is also applicable when you read your bible, the more you read the more the things you believe in are Modified.

[ B ] Change: The things you believe in can change if what you were told was a lie, so for instance if what I said about rain falling tomorrow was a lie and someone comes to you telling you that it is not going to rain tomorrow with proof, then you will no longer believe in what I said again but yes, I know there are those who even when they know the truth, they still refuse to accept and believe it due to Ignorance and Pride.


As long as this article looks, all these happens in a matter of seconds. Be careful with what you hear/see, know, accept/reject and believe for this is what will determine your growth as a Christian because it is what you believe that will determine your perspective: which determines your actions (works). Also, do not forget to examine everything with the word of GOD.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 5 / 4 / 2018

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The Fearless

There was and there will be a time in history,

When the works of a certain group of people will be recorded.

No matter the time, place, movement, society and government, they did extraordinary works.

These people are called “The Fearless”.

They were not given this name by chance for they were truly Fearless,

I do not speak of soldiers or freedom fighters,

I speak of people who were literally limitless, though they were humans,

When they make a stand, not even a thousand soldiers could move them,

When they move, they did so with precision;

When they talk, they do so with authority;

They are not held down by common sense,

They do not fear death Because they see the glory in the resurrection;

They were above principalities and power;

They did not run away from a fight because GOD was behind them;

They did not run from challenges because they know that they would always be victorious,

They were not merely positively minded but had absolute certainty,

They did not just do things aimlessly but for the glory of GOD;

They will and have performed miracles,

The very things they did defied logic;

They stand amongst men but are seen as extraordinary people;

They do not waver even in persecution;

They upheld justice even when outnumbered,

They will speak even when threatened not to,

They know no boundaries;

They never denied their GOD even in the face of death;

You must be asking; How did they do these things? Why did they act this way? That is because they had FAITH!!!… In an undefeated GOD.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 10 / 4 / 2018.

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The Flesh and The Spirit (1)

Hey guys 😁, what relationship do you think your body has with your spirit? Or what relationship does the Holy Spirit have with sinful desires? Well, I will be explaining what they have and don’t have in common. I will also be breaking this study into two parts. One for the Body and Spirit; the other for the Holy Spirit and the Flesh.

[1] The Flesh (body): The body of we humans was created by GOD so that man would be able to interact with the physical world that He created. The Flesh shares a very special connection with the Spirit. You see, whatever the body does, the spirit is held accountable for it. Imagine there was a white wall behind you and whatever you did good or bad was written on it. That is how your body and spirit are; your sins or good deeds will not be written on your body but on your spirit, Why? Because the body will eventually perish but your spirit will not.

[2] The Spirit (spirit): The spirit is the most important part of man because it was created before the body and it was made in the image of GOD. The spirit is what man uses to communicate with GOD. The spirit doesn’t actually die, even after the body dies. The spirit is what gives the body life (Genesis 2:7) and without the spirit the body dies. The spirit of a man is the true form of the man and his spirit is what will face judgement.


GOD doesn’t work with the flesh of man but with spirit, how do I know this? The blood of our king, Jesus doesn’t cleanse your body but your spirit. Your spirit is saved by GOD not your body. The Father does his work in you through the Holy Spirit, whose works is done in your spirit which later shows forth from your body.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 12 / 4 / 2018.

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The Flesh and The Spirit (2)

Hey guys 😁, I already spoke about the body and the spirit of man in the first part of the series, ‘The Flesh and The Spirit”. Now, I will be talking about the Flesh and the Holy Spirit.

[1] The Flesh (sinful desires): the sinful desires of man came into existence when man ate of the forbidden fruit. By knowing good and evil, man began to have sinful desires or rather evil desires. The sinful desires of a man are what makes him commit sin. These desires are from man and not GOD.

[2] The Spirit: the Holy Spirit is GOD’s spirit, which is a member of the trinity. The Holy Spirit no longer lives in temples built by men but in the body of men. It is through the Spirit that we are saved and through the Spirit that we understand and experience GOD.


The Holy Spirit and the Flesh are two opposite things. The Flesh is of man and the Spirit is of GOD. The Flesh is evil and the Spirit is holy; those who work by the flesh do not work for GOD but those who work by the spirit work for GOD. The Spirit brings everlasting life but the Flesh brings death. As Christians, we have been told to live by the spirit and not the flesh for we are godly people not worldly people.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 12 / 4 / 2018.

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A Loving Father.

Dedicated to Miracle & Justice.

My dear Child, I love you and I will always love you. I loved you before this world came into existence; the very moment I created man I loved you, and I want you to know that I will always be by your side.

I will fight for you when you are troubled,

I will be your refuge,

I will hold you when you are broken,

I will carry you when you are tired,

I will give you peace when you are restless,

I will guide when you are lost,

I will give you shelter when it rains,

I will warm you when it’s cold,

I will teach you with love,

I love will always break through your dark times,

I will embrace you when you feel lonely,

I will make you strong when you are weak,

I will accept you no matter how many times you disobey me,

I will listen when you speak,

I will watch over you everyday.

I will heal you when you are sick,

I will feed you when you are hungry,

I will bless you abundantly,

I will protect you for you are precious to me,

I will make you standout
amongst your peers,

My love will always chase after you,


But all I ask for is for you to be aware of the fact that my love is available to you.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 28 / 2 / 18

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Little Children

The kingdom of GOD is not for the wise, the strong, the smart, even for the Holy but those who are like little children. When our lives as Christian, show forth humility, we have is
a lot to receive from GOD. JESUS made great emphasis on this and it was mention about 3 or more times in the New Testament by JESUS (but we will use Luke18:15-17 (NLT). Please read) Himself, so why can’t we (Christians) embrace it.

BIBLE made it clear (not me) that the kingdom of GOD (the Almighty) belongs to the little children, I mean, that is a lot to take in, but sometimes we miss this simple thing because no one wants to be a child and in that, we miss the kingdom because of what.

Luke18:15-17 (and some other places in the BIBLE) JESUS was actually the one calling for the children and it is so amazing how much he LOVES them and by the Grace of GOD the HOLY-SPIRIT will reveal more to use.

In V15 . Where the parents were trying to bring their children to Him and the disciples rebuked them, in Mark 10:14a, it was stated that JESUS was angry with disciples and that to me, proves how important the child like system (acceptance) is to GOD so why do we go that far (looking for the kingdom) when it is this simple? The Grace we get is not based on how mature we act.

V16. then JESUS called for the children and said to his disciples, Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the kingdom of GOD belongs to those who are like these children. JESUS’s response to the disciples changed the whole thing. He said let the children come to me. The best time to know GOD is not any later but NOW!. Luke17:1-2, JESUS Himself said that anyone who causes these little ones (the children) to sin… (find out the rest). ‘Don’t stop them’, what does that mean? In this case, don’t stop yourself from experiencing the fullness of GOD’s love and plan for you no matter what, for the Kingdom of GOD is yours. The best time to know GOD is not any later but NOW!.

V17. This verse to me is kind of scary because JESUS said I tell you the truth, anyone who does not receive the Kingdom of GOD like a child, will NEVER enter it. Plain and simple, but big. Now a little fact about children; when you give a child something, they receive it with the whole of their heart (easy right, I mean everybody knows that) but that’s exactly the point the whole of their heart . Now don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying we should start acting like babies. My point is this, we should approach the Kingdom of GOD with this child-like attitude (so we can receive what is ours) and GOD will help us. How we ACT is based on how we RECEIVE.


Written on the: 11 / 2 / 17

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Good day everyone, I would like to give a statement about how I would like to live my life from now on. But before I do that,I would like to address the great majority:

I WILL no longer accept your ideals.
I WILL no longer see from your perspective.
I WILL no longer desire what you desire.
I WILL no longer be shackled in your expectations.
I WILL no longer stand in your standards.
I WILL no longer seek your advice.
I WILL no longer preach your DISEASE!
I WILL no longer listen, but I will speak.
I WILL no longer worship your idols.
I WILL no longer live in your dreams!
I WILL not dance to your tunes!
I WILL no longer play your games!
I WILL no longer be chained by CARNALITY!
I WILL no longer hold on to your wisdom!
I WILL no longer live in your shadows!
I WILL no longer hold on to your beliefs!
I WILL no longer tell your LIES!!
I WILL no longer await your judgement!
I WILL no longer eat of your false hope.
I WILL no longer be blinded by your FOOLISHNESS!
I WILL no longer sit on your HIGH HORSES!

For, I have seen, heard and experienced FREEDOM through JESUS CHRIST!!!
Deal with it!!!
Sorry, I got a little carried away.
Thank you all.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 8 / 2 / 2018

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Dedicated to Alex.

Hey guys😁, mirrors are very fascinating things, I mean some people spend all day looking at themselves in the mirror and admiring their beauty (I do it at times😂😂) but would you believe me if I told you that mirrors lie.

I would like for you to try something, stand in front of a mirror (a window glass should suffice), put your right hand on the mirror and look at the mirror, what do you see? It looks like a left hand right! Now let me tell you this, the world is just like that mirror, it is nothing but a reflection that shows you the opposite of what is really going on or should be done just like that mirror did but most people don’t know that, this world is full of lies, imperfection and hopelessness but only a few people can see it because it is only when one has tasted the “truth” that one can know what the lie is. Most of us can’t see the truth because we don’t know the “truth”, to know the truth you need to see things from GOD’s Perspective and not to judge by what you see with your eyes. Doesn’t the bible say that “we live by Faith and not by sight”, do not always judge, believe or act based on your sight but seek the wisdom of GOD so that you will not be led astray.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 12 / 01 / 2018

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GOD’s Perspective

Hey guys😁, there was a day when I was thinking about the world and how complex, frustrating, and difficult it can be to live in this world. Then I said to myself why are things like this and what does GOD have to say about it, what’s he going to do about it, at that moment the Holy Spirit revealed to me something really crazy, he showed me what GOD’s Perspective of this world was.
GOD’s Perspective can be said to be what GOD sees, understands and knows of anything. In other words, it’s GOD’s point of view, there are certain things you need to know about GOD’s Perspective:

[1] The Difference between Our Perspective and His’: Just Imagine you were in a room and your eyes were closed, then you were asked to say what was inside the room without opening your eyes, do you think you will be able to guess correctly what is inside the room? Most likely not. Why? Because all you can do is listen to what is around you but listening alone without seeing can never give you an accurate description of what’s around you. That is what our perspective is like, while GOD’s Perspective is so perfect that He can see every detail of what’s inside the room and not alone what’s inside but also what’s outside of the room. This is the difference between our perspective and His; a difference that shows you can trust and believe in GOD’s Perspective than yours or anyone else’.

[2] How To Know GOD’s Perspective: They are two things you need to have before you can know GOD’s Perspective which are the Holy Spirit and the Bible. Just like I said before, the difference between ours and GOD’s perspective is too great, so how does an imperfect human understand that which is perfect? That is why GOD sent the Holy Spirit – So we can communicate with him. The Bible is not simple, not complex but perfect and that is why you will need the Holy Spirit which is a perfect Spirit to help explain the bible and then in turn understanding GOD’s Perspective.

What we see and hear are not always true, sometimes we get lost in the hype and drama of this world and forget to see things from GOD’s point of view. We start seeing things the way the world does. Whenever I am in a difficult position or need answers to some things, I look to GOD to show me His perspective so I can know what I am to do. GOD will only show you what you need to know and not what you want to know.

Yours Craziest-
Christian Kanyinda Tshivuadi.

Written on the: 10 /12/ 17

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