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Forgiveness is the only way that the past cannot negatively affect the present and future. 

Not being able to forgive someone or something; maybe even yourself, leaves a pain in you that breeds anger or hatred or fear (or all!) which oppose the Spirit of God in you so you experience inner conflict. These traits go on to breed action involving sexual immorality, alcoholism, falsehood and more. These actions give you the pleasure needed to ignore your pains but pleasure only lasts a moment so you have to repeat and depend on them so much that they possess you and you lose who you are. 

Forgiveness is the only way to maintain your personality and peace no matter what the problem was. 

God saw that there was a lack of everlasting forgiveness that could save everyone from their sins no matter how many; being a barrier to spiritual and inner progress. 

A forgiving spirit is a key to unlock more of your strength even more potential and to lock down more of the things that can pull you down.

You may not always forget the incident and how bad it felt but use that pain to symbolise your strength and signify your ability to relate to those struggling with their own pains; giving them real hope.

Forgiveness is the only way to defeat the worst of your past and make way for the better and best of your present and future.

The Enigmatic KemZi Writes

Written on the  25 /05/ 2017
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  So when we say freedom what comes to mind? Being able to make our own decisions as sons, daughters, mothers, and fathers or being free as citizens to vote, drive, drink, speak, have privacy, work, marry, and live etc. But even though we have so much freedom, we still live in chains; chains that we can’t brake with our own strength and knowledge. It’s so sad that so many people still don’t know the truth.

        True freedom can never be gotten from this world.  We might think we are free but we are not yet free. So you might be wondering what is this freedom that I am talking about, well it’s definitely not a freedom to wake-up, eat, sleep, move and dream when you want, I am talking about a freedom that will last for eternity.  Today is Easter Sunday and you most likely would have gone to church but do you know what Easter is about? Easter is about the resurrection of our Lord Jesus from the dead. As Christians, it means that our Lord is above principalities and powers, which means true freedom can only be experienced when your life is in the hands of the one who overcame Death. True freedom is to live a life without fear of sudden death, pain from a broken heart, sorrow of losing something precious to you, regret of making wrong choices, sickness that kills your body, danger of being robbed or killed, worry for what tomorrow holds, and freedom from the devil and hell. The freedom I speak of  is one where all of these are replaced with faith, happiness, long life,protection, provision, secured future, perfect health, and heaven. It’s a freedom that truly sets you free permanently, a freedom that grants you eternal life.

      I don’t know you, neither do you know me, but trust me there is only one way of getting this freedom and that is through Christ Jesus. GOD has given us a gift, a gift so priceless that it can’t be bought but such a gift has been given to us for FREE and that is the gift of Salvation.

        There is only one way of getting into heaven and experiencing GOD’s freedom, which is by accepting Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. For those of you who want to do so,  pray this prayer wholeheartedly:

Lord Jesus forgive me for all my sins, wash my garment clean and put my name in the book of life. I give you my mind, soul, body and heart to you, fill me with the Holy Spirit and help me live a righteous life for you. In Jesus name. Amen

Yours Craziest –

Christian Tshivuadi Kanyinda

Written on the 16/ 04 /2017

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What is FAITH?

Faith according to the Oxford dictionary means to trust in somebody’s ability or knowledge; trust that somebody or something will do what has been promised.

Christianity is hinged on faith. Everything we are and everything we believe in, is centered around faith. How do we believe in a GOD we have not seen? Faith! How do we know we are forgiven for our sins without a physical change occurring after asking for mercy? Faith! The Bible records that without faith, it is impossible to please GOD (Hebrews 11:6). We need faith for everything.

Every day we hear of miracles that happen, right from the time of Moses and the splitting of the Red Sea for the children of God to walk on dry land, to our own testimonies in church. Faith has always been in play. As a matter of fact, faith is the ignition for any miracle to occur. Without faith, every of our requests are just wishes. As children of God, we are expected to demonstrate faith in everything we do,speak with authority, and command things that are not as if there were.

With faith as a mustard seed, you can say to a mountain “move and be cast into the sea” and it will have no choice but to obey, that is faith. Likewise, you can say to that fever,  “stop” and it will. You can also say to that difficult subject, “I will overcome” and you will.

Faith is as easy as saying it and believing without a single doubt that what you have asked for will happen. Please read Jeremiah 29:11,GOD bless.

Written on the 20 / 2 / 2017

I am your one and only Ruth

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So Many Assumptions 

    Hi guys 😁, I was reflecting on something that happened In the past and I was wondering why the outcome was not what I expected.  So I thought about it and I finally got the reason why it didn’t happen the way I thought it would but guess what Assumption.

Dictionary definition for assumption:

A thing or thought that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.

    As humans we all make assumptions about some many things we are not certain about or we don’t understand, the real problem comes when you take your assumptions as the truth  and not wanting to seek or know the truth. Sometimes our assumptions are correct but we can’t tell if it’s true because we do not have any proof and our assumptions can also be very wrong

      Our assumptions can cause us ( and others) a lot of regrets, damage, and troubles if we believe in them, I can give you some examples:

[ 1 ] Abraham In Egypt Genesis 12:10 – 19 : When there was a great famine in the Abraham went to Egypt to live there for a while but when Abraham got he “assumed!!!” that since Sarah was a very beautiful woman they will kill him and take her away so he told Sarah to lie to them that she was his sister and not his wife, the consequences for that was that Pharaoh started having troubles in his family for something he didn’t know about

[ 2 ] Me : I made a very big mistake when I was a child, Just because of I “assumed!!!” that I would be in big trouble I lied on my school teacher and caused her to lose her job for something she didn’t do, till date I wonder if she will ever forgive me for what I did to her.

[ 3 ] Sarah and Abram Genesis 16:1-2 : This is a very good example how our assumptions can cause a lot of damage not only to us but even generations to come and also try to disrupt GOD’s  for us. This is story is about how Sarah Abraham’s wife “assumed” that GOD was not going to give her a child, so she decided to tell Abraham that he should sleep with her slave so he could have children, that was the moment when she tried to ruin GOD’s perfect plan unknowingly, the second side effectwas when the child was born and through him came Islam which now the religion that is against Christians and Christianity.

     All am trying to say is we should think before we “assume our assumptions are correct” because we could be making a big mistake that we might regret, Our assumptions affects all part of our lives and can lead to us losing something very important to us, it can affect our friendship, relationship, relationship with GOD,  our own lives, destiny, other people destiny, and our family’s.

    The fact that sometimes we “assume” that GOD can’t save us, help us, deliver us, redeem us, protect us, and for fill his promise is very bad, we should try to not let our assumptions get the best of us but instead believe in GOD’s word and trust in his Holy name.

Ways of not letting your assumptions affect you in a wrong way:

[ 1 ] Think deeper before assuming you are right.

[ 2 ] Try to understand before 


[ 3 ] Don’t talk if you are not sure.

[ 4 ] Ask For explanation if you don’t understand.

Yours Craziest –
Christian Tshivuadi Kanyinda

Written on the 29 /01/ 17

GOD’s Work 1

Who Is She?


Hey guys 😁, Happy New Year! ! ! ! ! !🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉. Hope we all had a good time last year. Okay it’s a new year and some of us already have New Year resolutions and goals for the year, hope we all archive our goals this year. Today’s topic will be all about the females 👸(so sorry guys😁). I hope all the girls who read this will not only be blessed but know what they worth.

Whose Daughter Is She?

Have you ever wondered as a girl whose daughter you are or wondered if there is something like the daughters of GOD in the bible? Well all I know is that every girl is a daughter of the Most High GOD, when the bible says “sons of GOD” it is referring to both male and female so don’t think that you are not a daughter of GOD and besides you were created by GOD in his own image, that is enough to tell you whose Daughter you are but the problem is do you live like a daughter of the Most High?

She Is Royalty

Now that you are aware of the fact that you are the daughter of GOD, do you know that you are royalty? Your father in heaven is a king and not just any king but the KING OF KINGS, so I wonder what that makes you who is called his daughter, you are princess whether you like or not, the thing is you can only become a princess or daughter of GOD when you have accepted JESUS into your life, that is the only way of getting back the royalty you lost since you were born.

What Does She Worth?

The truth is every girl is worth more than anything, they are all priceless but most of them don’t know the truth because they have being blinded by all this pleasures of the earth and the lies they have bought from the devil, first of you were not made to satisfy boys with your body you were made to serve GOD and to only use that body for your husband and nothing else. It hurts my heart when I see girls doing things with guys that are so sinful and yet they are dumped by these boys like they are nothing, girls let no one tell that you their bitch for you are royalty and not a dog, look you are a priceless, you worth more than gold, a rear gem stone, you are on irreplaceable, a unique, and not a left over or a used material.

She Is Holy

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 NIV

19 DO you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from GOD? You are not your own; 20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor GOD with your bodies.

This verses says it all, how you should treat your body and what you should use it for, so I wonder why should you use your body to do things that are not GODLY or wait is it because you see other girls doing it, remember you own your life and you will be held responsible by GOD for whatever you use your body to do, you will reap what sow maybe not now but definitely when CHRIST comes back.

She Is Made For Greatness

Girl you were made for greatness nothing less. If anyone tells you that you can never be great or you will never achieve anything great tell them that you are a Daughter of a GOD who is so great that he puts great to shame, there is nothing you can’t do and achieve because the bible clearly says I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me”. Girl you were made in his image in the image of greatness.

She Is Who GOD Says She Is

You are who GOD says you are so don’t try to be someone else or believe what some of your friends might say to you, just be who GOD wants you to be nothing more nothing less.

There Is Only One Way She Can Make It In Life

There is only one way for you to be able to be a daughter of GOD that is by accepting JESUS in your life, see he is all you need to survive in this crazy world we live in,HE is the WAY the TRUTH and LIGHT, NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH HIM.

PRAYER: I pray every girl who reads well be blessed and will know who she is in CHRIST.

Your Craziest – Christian Tshivuadi Kanyinda

Written on  01 /01/ 17

GOD’s Work 1



When you have not yet given your life to Christ,

When you don’t pray before you start your day,

When you don’t believe in JESUS,

When you don’t trust GOD,

When you believe you are the GOD of our own life,

When you play with GOD’s name,

When you don’t know the purpose you were created,

When you praise yourself instead of GOD,

When you don’t Honor your parents,

When you make fun of men of GOD,

When you forget why we celebrate Christmas,

When you don’t know the true meaning of life,

When you try to outsmart GOD,

When you love insulting people,

When you use people for your own greed,

When you don’t show love to your neighbour,

When you love money,

When you lust after women,

When you think GOD loves no body,

When you think GOD is unjust,

When you say you don’t need GOD,

When you are ashamed of the gospel,

 When you try to become GOD,

When you steal for any reason,


Yours Craziest – Christian Tshivuadi Kanyinda

written on 26 /12/ 2016

GOD Work 1

The Truth

Hi guys, I hope we are all fine and enjoying this Christmas. I just want to say that a lot of us teenagers don’t know the truth about life and how to live life. You might be wondering what am I talkI will like for us to read Genesis 1:27 NIV:

So GOD created mankind in his own image, in the image of GOD he created them; man and woman he created them.

Just as this verse says we were created by GOD and him alone. We were not created by mistake or by some scientific theory, we were created in the image of GOD not the physical but of the spiritual, I mean our spirit. The problem is we have forgotten who created us and we have gone astray from him. We have placed GOD as our last result and we take him as a Sunday stuff or church stuff and we believe that by going to church on Sunday and sing praise and worship will make heaven, do we think GOD is a fool. We even play with the name of JESUS as if it is nothing, we do things that are so sinful and say GOD understands, and instead of us putting GOD first we put other things first things like our friends, our education, fame, our role models, money, TV shows, celebrities, musicians, football, parties, and relationships e.t.c. Let me tell the truth none of these things can get you to heaven or help you in every danger and every aspect of your life. GOD loves you whether you like it or not. I can boldly say that GOD is all you need to survive in this life and the next which is in heaven but before that can happen you must first accept JESUS into your life for we were all bore as sinners but we are not suppose to die as sinners because JESUS paid the price for us with his life.

Freedom is something that we all calm to have but true freedom is only experienced when JESUS is at the center of our lives. You might think Christianity is boring or not cool but let me tell you something Christianity is a lifestyle, a relationship, a gift, a blessing, and not a religion. I can tell you there is nothing better than to be called GOD son, because when you become GOD’s son you have access to so many things, things like healing, blessings, prosperity in everything we do, long life, success, e.t.c. look all am trying to say if don’t have JESUS or you have him and still live in sin you have to change and see the glory of GOD for yourself. If you want to give your life too or rededicate it back to JESUS say this prayer with your whole hearth and mean what you say: GOD forgive for I know that I am a sinner, forgive me GOD for all the wrongs I have done, have mercy upon me and wash me with the precious blood of JESUS, make my garment white as snow, accept my soul into your kingdom and write my name in the book of life in JESUS name amen.

Yours Craziest – Christian Tshivuadi Kanyinda

Written on 25 /12/ 2016


GOD Work 1


He is invisible to the visible.
He desires an honorable position.
He is the light that shines in the darkness and the darkness can never extinguish it.
He is a good shepherd who never loses his sheep.
A lawyer who never lost a case.
A soldier who never lost a battle .
A doctor who never lost a patient.
He is the word that brought light to everyone.
He was in the beginning before the beginning began.
He has the name that is above every other name, and at the mention of his name every knee bows down .
He raised the dead.
He walked on water.
He fed 5000 people.
At the wedding at Cana he changed water into wine .
He is the way, the truth and the life.
He is the Alpha and Omega.
The beginning and the Last.
The Lord of Lords.

Yours:Takudzwa Masapa

GOD’s Work 1


If thinking was any man’s capability the world would not have the least hump on its curves of change,
If important things were well known,
Mr urgent would know his place,
People of hurrying have cold lives,
After every turn and choice,the chilly winds of regret blow

Ant hills are big,but only to one who does not know mountains,
Making permanent decisions based on temporary situations,
Skipping steps on an unstable ladder will bring you down,
Life is not only vulnerable ,but fragile,
If you take it as a rehearsal ,time might run out before the finals,
Major knowledge level

There is what is worth sacrificing and dying for,
Every image has a shadow,just like every situation in life,
Misconceptions and immature thinking will definitely ruin one’s history,
When only facing one side of the picture,
Both plane and 3D structures can seem the same,
Today can easily go away,learn to set things right,
Apply an ordered life just as God wants it,
Activities being done via levels of importance.

Yours:Takudzwa Masapa

GOD’s Work 1

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